Annet Robben

In my work I try to portray the simplicity of curves. My intention is to create pleasing inward and outward arcs in my ceramic pieces which are usually executed as vases. The curves and movement inherent in the vase form have always appealed to me. Proportion is pivotal to my work. When planning a piece I am guided by the size of the individual parts relative to the pot as a whole, as well as the individual parts themselves. This is crucial for me to be happy with my work.

Success for me is when I look at one of my pieces across the room and the flow of its lines make me want to reach out and touch it. When I touch it the curves feel symmetrical and soft. I know a piece is finished when what I see with my eyes and feel with my hands has proportion, harmony and balance. It gives me a sense of calm and satisfaction on the one hand and purpose and excitement on the other.