Carolyn Longmire

After 50 years of working with clay, fused glass was a natural progression. You are familiar with kilns, surface treatment, design and experimentation.

Glass is seductive, exciting and predictable. The colors are vibrant and are retained throughout the firing in the kiln. The results are obtained in a week.

During the years I have been fortunate to have dedicated, talented teachers. Harvey Littleton, Toshiko Takaezu, Nan and Jim McKinnell, Kathy Holt, Bob Smith, Robin Furita, Connie Sanchez, and numerous workshop presenters have demonstrated their enthusiasm, knowledge and skills. Their ideas and encouragement have helped me to develop as an artist.

As Louis Nizer said," A man who uses his hands, his brains, and his heart is an artist". Having an idea, cutting the glass, arranging it on a base piece of glass, firing it in the kiln and then having a finished piece feeds my spirit, brightens my day and urges me on to the next experiment.