Cathy Mitchell

I like to play with clay. I enjoy the way it feels in my hands when I’m throwing on a pottery wheel, when the clay is very wet and creamy vs. its smooth feel after it has dried to a soft leather stage suitable for trimming. I enjoy watching its transformation from a lumpy ball to a bowl, plate or casserole by the manipulation of my hands and tools. It is a heady feeling to create a finished piece which has beauty and utilitarian value for me and friends who will use it every day to drink from or cook in. I feel immense satisfaction and joy when I see my skill as a potter progressing, and I learn to make more intricate forms of greater delicacy and power.

My functional pieces are made from high fire stoneware and are fired in gas reduction, wood, or salt kilns. My low fire decorative pieces illustrate various firing methods including tinfoil saggars, ferric chloride, and pit firings.

I’m enjoying moving into a new realm of pottery for me which is experimenting with hand building and throwing forms for totems which reflect an ocean theme. I like playing with different textures to simulate starfish, jelly fish and other creatures of the sea.

I also like working in fused glass because I am drawn to the vibrant colors and shininess of the glass and the myriad possibilities of products which can be made in it such as jewelry, night light covers, sconces and sculpture.