Marilyn Seabrook

Hi, my name is Marilyn Seabrook and thank you for your interest in my ceramic pieces.


I’ve been fascinated by pottery for decades but could not fit it into my life. I started satisfying my curiosity in 2006 while I was recovering from surgery. The local community center was offering art classes, which included beginner classes in ceramics. I was delighted and have been taking classes, advancing and creating pieces since then.


Ceramics is like magic, taking clay that’s been in the earth for longer than we (humans) have been walking above it. It’s crazy to think about. Then make something beautiful with it, is amazing. Same thing with the glazes, all the recipe ingredients come from our earth to give us these beautiful colors and finishes. Thousands of years ago someone figured out if they put it into fire it would get hard then they could use it over and over. Recycling? Firing has advanced since then, but still the same basic techniques.


At the moment I’m working on making dog/cat bowls and lamps. This began because of requests of family and friends and it’s been fun.


Please touch them, pick them up, this is our earth.