Savannah Lewis-Sweed


Nature is my biggest influencer; especially in the way it is so imperfectly perfect. There isn’t this pressure to expect a tree to grow a certain way or to even expect water to flow in a specific direction. The beauty, freedom, and strength in nature is something I want to bring to my work and have my audience experience.

Currently, I’m focused on making intricately detailed bowls. I also make miniature versions of these bowls in order to test glazes and glaze combinations which I then turn into magnets. I like weird objects:  the back end of a pen, the empty spool from receipt tape, acorn tops and broken seashells. These objects create marvelous textures and with the right glaze, these textures are illuminated with color and sheen.

There is something comforting for me to work small with clay. I feel as if I am connecting to every molecule, and I am having a thorough conversation about what this piece will become. Clay likes to fight back sometimes, so I take responsibility to encourage the clay into my desired shapes and forms.

 I do not work the same way with clay today that I did even a year ago.  Then, my approach was hesitant. I wanted to have planned as much as possible before even touching the clay. Now, I feel more confident in grabbing a trash-to-treasure texture tool and pressing it into my clay just to see how the clay responds. I don’t feel this demand to create something beautiful every time. Now, I celebrate my in-progress work more than the finished piece because I am grateful for the journey that brought me to where I am today.