Bev Baldwin

BevB. 01.jpg

I have a love for natural objects and that synergy is so easy to achieve with clay and glazes. My inspiration varies…..sometimes an historical avenue or a particular natural subject will catch my interest and sometimes the process may direct my creating.  And perhaps I might make art that is a combination of all those concepts. Often there can be an interaction with a person or group that can move me to a certain series of ideas for my pottery.


I primarily work in combining wheel thrown and handbuilt forms. I also focus on the textural qualities that come so naturally when working with clay. I use lighter colored clay bodies-white stoneware, porcelain and fire to cone 6 and cone 10. Recently I have been learning alternative firing methods such as pit firing, raku and saggar firing and incorporating those in my art work.  I love to blend the elegance and raw properties that are evident in clay.

B.F.A.- Colorado State University-ceramics

M.A. – University of New Mexico-art education with a concentration in ceramics

I taught art for 26 years in the Aurora Public Schools and retired 7 years ago. I also taught art part time at Ave Maria Catholic School in Parker.

I am also a member of the Parker Artists Guild and Aurora Potters Guild.