Debee Kingsley

Growing up in urban Chicago, I have explored the rich forest outside the city as a personal exodus. I have had a deep love for nature since I can remember. The color, structure, and movement all form a unique dance of expression. The natural world has enchanted and challenged me with great wonder. It has been a school within its own, filled with cycles of change that fold within each season. The forest has been a place of lessons of survival, growth and serenity for me.

Captivating nature’s texture and color brings my pieces into form. My work reflects a waltz of relationships, between human and creature. Created from slab and wheel construction, I embellish with leaves, flowers, and human form to continue the ritual of nature’s harmony. Utilitarian pottery serves intimate practices of nourishment along with celebration. My hope is that my creations will bring one to a place of wonder and enjoyment.