Patty McDonough


 I throw functional pottery and make sculptural forms. I utilize local clay for colorant and surface decoration. I enjoy using texture on the surface of the clay objects. I use universal or familiar symbols and other cryptic imagery. I appreciate the active communication and a hint of mystery.

I am inspired by ancient Irish rock carvings, old Greek temples, rock art, and petroglyphs. I am drawn to nature and I appreciate natures' hues, patterns and subtleties. I enjoy my work because I am in touch with ancient ancestors and with those that will follow in the future. I am in touch with old communications and hopefully communicating joy and mystery and passion for nature. I mold the piece with happy dirty hands. I carve, stamp or paint.


I fuss over my pieces but in the end, I relinquish control and accept the blessing or curse of the fire. There is a discipline in my work, but I am also giving over to chance. Hopefully the work is spontaneous, primitive, impulsive, and classic. I strive to keep my work fresh by using these old techniques in new ways. It gives me sense of my own place in this world.