Jila Nielsen

As a ceramic artist, I’m passionate about creating art pieces that reflect treasures in nature, which I strive to capture in my artwork.

As well, my motive is to create functional pottery for basic essentials that can be utilized on a daily basis.

Creating art pieces out of nothing but clay with the numerous processes and methods from commencement to completion is amazing—a vital experience in my life, just as watching brilliant sunsets as cherished imagery.

Working with clay as my medium has reshaped my character, refined my talents, remolded my life—and redefined me!

Throwing pots on the wheel with the main focus on high-­‐fired functional ware has been my body of work. Now for several seasons, my new interest is the exploration of low-­fire techniques with traditional Raku, ferric chloride, foil saggar, and pit firing methods.

In order to challenge myself, I have focused on perfecting the form of bottles, vases, and closed lidded containers. The major element in my work is the emphasis on the colors formed from the effect of glazes, chemicals, or natural combustion in diverse firings.

My goal as an artist is to emulate nature’s hues; such as, vibrant fall colors, natural tones of petrified wood, the brilliance of natural marble stone, or subtle, soft neutral shades of seashells.

I aspire to create pottery that is treasured—while reflecting my essence in my work!