John Zemetra

My journey in clay started in the 1996 at ACC with classes in Graphic Arts and Ceramics I. At the time I was just trying to escape the stress of working at a trauma center. I found out quickly that “ceramic art” was a lot more complex than what I had done in elementary school. I enjoy that working in clay is not an instant process, and that each piece must go through multiple stages until it is complete.

My main focus is functional pottery made from high fire stoneware. These are fired in either the gas, wood or salt kilns. It is a constant challenge to create functional art, a piece that begs to be picked up, examined and also a joy to use. I get inspiration and ideas from the many workshops and guest artists that have been at ACC. I enjoy learning new techniques and applying them to my own work.

I am amazed that I stumbled into ceramic art completely by accident. For me, with the infinite possibilities, this is truly a journey with no end.