Kari Erickson


Growing up in Idaho and North Dakota among fields of vegetables and wheat, wild mountains, and rivers have stimulated my love of nature. After meeting my husband and moving to Colorado, he introduced me to the southwest. I was fascinated by the landscape and plants and so my inspiration for my work comes from all of these places and my grandmothers, who loved gardening, birds, and being outdoors.


I create functional and on-functional pottery pieces, both wheel thrown and hand-built. The colors of the southwest I usually use are complimentary, mostly reds and greens, but I also use different greens and turquoise colors. Taking notice of creative combinations of color and patterns in architecture and textiles are also a large part of my design. 


A former teacher taught me to push the clay and move it around, while not being afraid of the clay.  My style is planned but looks loose and botanical, usually involving folds, which look like leaves, water, and flora. These folds or the manipulation of the clay creates movement, so that the observer’s eye keeps moving around the piece.  I want people to look at all sides of my pieces; if people stop and “study” my work or come back to a piece to look at it again, I know I have been successful.


Pottery compliments my life and my family and friends are very supportive: they give me many ideas, energy, compliments, and constructive criticism. I can’t imagine my life without pottery and hope to be getting my hands dirty late into life.