Karlan Emery


It was mud. Just dirt, mixed with water. As a child, I played in my Grandmother’s garden. She gave me a pitcher of water, the foil bottoms from pot pies and old spoons. I mixed and pressed the wet earth into my forms and made place settings and serving dishes for my imaginary guests. After thoughtful decoration with the berries and leaves from the trees I played beneath, I set my creations in the sun to dry. They cracked and split and heaved. They were things of beauty to me. I promised my 6-year-old self that I would revisit this fascination with mud in my older years.

My journey to learn the art of ceramics began with taking classes at my local recreation center in September of 2007 and I’ve have had the pleasure of learning from very talented and knowledgeable masters of the art, both in casual, as and more formal and intense academic settings.

Blessed with a fully operational home studio, I continue to study new techniques. With the intense colors of nature and the perfect and imperfect lines in architecture as my inspirations, I conjure the feeling I had as a child and play and create the art that brings me pleasure.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.