Lucy O'Neill

I grew up with two very talented artists as parents, and was a bit intimidated by what they did and thus didn’t investigate that side of me until many years later and after I'd had my own children. In 1983, my then sister-in-law (a wonderful watercolor artist) said, “We need to take a clay class!” She had discovered a potter who did only handbuilding and gave lessons. So we went and I was hooked. Shortly after that I took a two week class at Arrowmont in Eastern Tennessee where I lived and then started classes at the University of Tennessee. My children were in school each day, so I practically lived at UT throwing pots. I became obsessed with ceramics! I created a studio in my garage, and sold my pieces locally.

Of course life intervened in shape of a divorce, working full time, moving across country, so pottery took a bit of a back seat, but wasn’t ever far away. Living in Tucson, I took classes at a local rec center and did the same after moving to Denver in 1996, but other things were in the forefront. In the last several years, I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to give almost full time attention to making pots. I have also re-discovered alternative firing and love the unexpectedness of my results! I still love making functional pieces, but naked raku and saggar firing is fascinating and mysterious. For someone who loves to be in control, that randomness is pretty interesting and exciting!

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