Marta Rodeheffer

II was “hooked” that very first time I sat down at a pottery wheel. Years later I am still mesmerized by the seeming “magic” of the form emerging out of the wet, spinning lump of clay beneath my hands. I delight in being the creator of something so momentarily fragile yet so full of potential to become a strong, unique, more permanent part of our world.

I love to carve designs into the smooth surface of the leather-hard clay body, to create a special ”signature” for each piece. As I hold an unmarked, leather-hard pot in my hands, patiently studying it, an idea begins to take form in my mind for this particular piece . . . . perhaps a variation on an old theme; perhaps something entirely new. The moment of truth, that first mark on the clay canvas, is followed by playful variations on a theme as I circle the pot with free-hand carvings. Eventually the two ends connect to form a circle of carvings and there is a surprising whole, a sense of completeness and satisfaction

In truth, there are many precarious steps ahead in the drying, bisque firing, glazing and final firing of this piece. I do not dwell upon the fact that this creative carving could come to naught. The process that just happened is a lovely moment unto itself.

Still, I am intrigued by the possibility that, should it survive all the steps involved, another person might one day hold this piece in their hands and actually select it to be a part of their own small world. What a lovely thought.

I am a long time member of the Colorado Potters Guild on old South Pearl Street in Denver and more of my creations can be viewed on the website at I greatly enjoy the camaraderie of other pottersfrom whom I am constantly learning new things about clay and about life.

I can be reached at martarodeheffer at msn dot com