Tania Rustage

Picture the scene.

It’s three in the morning, smoke alarm is blaring, and the husband is running frantic like a headless chicken. True story - Just a day in the Life of a Pottery Artist, when experimenting goes wrong. But if you don’t try new things and take a risk, how are you going to come up with something new and exciting?

Tania’s pottery adventure started in sunny South Africa (The rainbow nation), as a hobby. Before she knew it, she was ‘mesmerized by mud’ and turning it into wonderful works of Decorative Art and Functional Wares.

Early works reflect the richness of African cultures and traditions, which has developed and grown. Making those crazy experiments all worth it. Current work has a variety of finishes, from glossy glaze to distressed and whimsical. Her new sculptural work tells a story through form, figures and inscriptions.

For more information about myself and my pottery, please visit my website 'Geometric Illusion Ceramics'

Functional Work

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Storied Work